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Water detector and alarm - dual sensor

Washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters and softeners, ice makers, sump pumps, whirlpools and bathtubs, water-mains leaks etc. are often responsible for causing very costly water damage in homes and offices.

HydroBell electronically monitors any location 24/7 for the presence of unwanted water.

This handy sentinel lets off a loud warning sound when water comes into contact with its sensors. HydroBell is battery operated, self-contained, simple to use and affordable.

HydroBell Water Alarm
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HydroBell is an Award winning prevention device designed to help minimize the risk of water damage in homes, offices and light industry

Place a HydroBell unit wherever water can escape:

  • Laundry / utility room
  • Bathrooms and WC's
  • Near water heaters, softeners, ice makers
  • In air-conditioned computer rooms
  • On top of indoor drainage grates
  • Under sinks, plumbing connections etc.

Use the remote sensor to monitor the level of water in:

  • Sump pump pits
  • Bathtubs and whirlpools
  • Swimming pools
  • Fish tanks, cisterns, any water vessel etc.

The remote sensor helps avoid vessels overflow (included in the retailed package).